This endpoint allows you to create a Subscription.


You will need to create a Customer and Plan before you can use this endpoint.


It may take a while for your subscriptions to appear in your metrics. There may also be a delay in the data being fully displayed in the GET /subscriptions endpoint.


How and why do I use addons?

Addons are used to add additional charges to a base plan. They allow you to create a variety of different combinations of features without creating a separate plan for each possible combination.

Let's look at a hypothetical way of charging for Baremetrics.

We could have a base subscription of $25/mo. Additional features like dunning, customer profiles, etc. could be treated as an addon.

$25/mo. base charge + $25 addon for Dunning = $50/mo.


We will automatically create charges for your subscriptions. If you don't want this to happen, then please contact us.

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